FremantleMedia Adds Live Streaming to The Football Republic

XstreamrTelefónica and FremantleMedia have added the Xtreamr a live streaming service to The Football Republic (TFR), a network of social media channels run by the FremantleMedia.

Newly developed by the telecoms company behind O2, Telefónica, Xtreamr enables businesses to create branded, live experiences that can be shared via all or any of their existing online channels simultaneously to invite consumers to participate in a live video stream. Brands can invite consumers across any social or messaging app to interact with them in real-time, and also create exclusive live, VIP experiences.

“Football fans increasingly want to broadcast their opinions and engage with content in real time, which is why we’re putting a lot of emphasis into interactive live formats on The Football Republic,” said Neil Smythe, head of sport at Shotglass Media, which is part of FremantleMedia. “The Xtreamr app allows us to integrate video calls from fans worldwide into our shows with great ease; it’s simple for the contributor and very light on production resource which is vital for us. For the first time, we can have our presenters driving calls on camera which is an exciting development; weve worked closely with the Xtreamr team on this product and I’m delighted with the result.”

An Xtreamr app is available for consumers to download today for iOS and Android. Using the app, people will be able to stream spontaneous life moments, capturing live video and sharing it with family and friends using their favourite messaging and social apps. Users can also invite friends and family to react to join their stream in real-time, then relive a compilation of the best bits, automatically edited by Xtreamr.