French Government Launches Terror Alert App Ahead of Euro 2016

France Terror AppAs part of its preparations for this months Euro 2016, the French government has launched SAIP (Système d’Alerte et d’Information des Populations), an anti-terror security app, following two major attacks in France during 2015.

The Android and iOS app notifies users of any security incidents – in English or French – based on their location. If an attack or other emergency takes place in an area the user has selected, they will be alerted, but if geolocation places them in the danger zone, the app will override the devices screen.

Notably, the warning is entirely visual, and doesnt trigger any tone or vibration in case it puts the user in danger.

From here, users can press a button to see information on the police response and advice on what to do next. Theres also general info on what to do in a variety of emergencies which the user can access at any time.

Users can also share information about any incidents they witness through the app.

The government is expanding the apps capabilities, to include natural disasters, and promises an accessibility update to make the app more usable for people with disabilities.