Funambol Launches MediaHub

Funambol, the open source mobile cloud company, has unveiled its MediaHub software that syncs rich media such as photos, videos and music, files and PIM data such as contacts and calendars, across smartphones, tablets, PCs and mobile devices via the cloud.

MediaHub syncs media and data with enterprise systems such as Outlook and file servers, mobile devices (e.g. phones, tablets & PCs) and cloud services such as Facebook, Flickr and Picasa. It is a white-label solution for service providers that enables them to become a trusted vault for a customers digital mobile assets.

Funambol notes that, unlike clouds from Google and Facebook, MediaHub assets are not inherently mined for marketing purposes. The software includes core device management functions to assist cross-device syncing.

“MediaHub is the Swiss Army knife of cloud-based media sharing,” says Funambol CEO, Amit Chawla. “It connects everything by syncing virtually any data across any device via the cloud. It helps carriers reenergize customer relationships by becoming the trusted vault for their mobile digital assets.”

The need to wirelessly connect devices is exploding, as consumers and businesses expand their repertoire of mobile devices, from PCs and laptops to smartphones, tablets and beyond. It is an environment that suits using the cloud to connect devices, both to back up data and media, and to support roving devices. MediaHub syncs a wide variety of data across a broad array of devices, supported by Funambols global mobile open source community. The company says the software simplifies the syncing of multiple device types e.g. sharing media on an iPhone or BlackBerry with an Android tablet.

Funambol MediaHub is scheduled to be available in Q2, 2011, and will be demonstrated at at Mobile World Congress in Hall1, Stand 1J46.