Future Signs Up to Rubicon Projects Global Ad Exchange

Rubicon Total Film
Total Film is one of the titles advertisers will be able to reach via Rubicon Projects real-time ad exchange

Rubicon Project, which operates a real-time ad trading platform, has launched a global advertising exchange for the publisher, Future plc. The exchange will enable advertisers and their agencies to reach Future’s audiences around the world via a single advertising automation platform.

Future’s global exchange will include inventory from all of the media group’s major brands, including Tech Radar, PC Gamer, and Total Film – which reach more than 50m consumers a month collectively online, on tablets and smartphones.

Rubicon Project’s Advertising Automation Cloud currently processes 2.5m queries per second and trillions of bid requests each month on behalf of hundreds of premium publishers and applications and tens of thousands of advertiser brands.

“The launch of our global private marketplace powered by Rubicon Project puts us at the forefront of digital advertising trading,” said Gerson Barnett, director of programmatic and 3rd party revenues at Future. “We see automated advertising as one of the most important trends facing media groups, and are glad to be working with Rubicon Project to offer audience-based, data rich inventory to premium buyers.”