FuturLink Launches Wimob 2.0

Mobile technology company FuturLink has announced the launch of Wimob 2.0, a free, updated, web-to-mobile platform that enables consumers to transfer multimedia content from websites to their mobile phone via Bluetooth, infrared or USB, without paying network data charges. Relevant content is identified on the publishers website with a Wimob icon. The user then clicks on the icon to open up the Wimob window and transfer the content. The first time the user tries to download something, they are invited to enter their phones details so that the content can be rendered in the most appropriate format. Wimob automatically adapts downloaded content to over 1000 compatible mobile phone formats without the need for the users to install anything directly on their mobile device.
Wimob allows web publishers to make their content portable and more accessible to mobile users, says FuturLink CEO, David Mas. Its about more than mobile downloads – Wimob acts as a mobile bookmarking tool, allowing users to take the best of the web with them from their computer to their phone, whether that be train or flight schedules for travellers, or MP3 podcasts or ongs offered by the hosts and artists.
Wimob can also be used to run mobile marketing campaigns. For example, 2D coupons could be created by a marketing company to promote a live event. Those coupons could then be sent to the target audience through a Wimob download link by uploading the coupon to the companys website. Visitors could then visit the companys site from their computer use a one-click download to transfer the coupon to their mobile phone automatically, with the coupon then presented at the venue for a discount on admission.
Wimob 2.0 has been upgraded to support additional multimedia formats, including video, MP3 audio, photos and other images, animations, maps, schedules and agendas (like flight schedules), vCards, branded games and 2D coupons. Other available content types include vouchers, product catalogues, brochures, branded content mobile reminders, news and tickets,
Wimob offers two free applications for download. The Wimob Application is designed for web users and facilitates downloads of Wimob-enabled multimedia content made available by web publishers. Users browse the web from their PC, click the Wimob icon located near available content, and the application downloads the file to the users mobile phone via a Bluetooth, wi-fi, infrared, or USB connection. FuturLink says the latest version of the Wimob application features more content options, improved search functionality, and improved usability.
The Wimob Suite is designed for bloggers, web publishers, and advertising agencies and provides a means of creating brandable content that can be freely distributed through the Wimob service and the web user application. The interface enables publishers to upload Wimob-compatible content to their server through via FTP.