Fyber links up with Game of Whales to help app developers identify profitable users

Tyrone Stewart

Fyber Game of WhalesApp monetisation firm Fyber has teamed up with Game of Whales, an AI-driven monetisation platform, to provide app and game developers with a ‘full view’ of user lifetime value (LTV) in order to optimise user acquisition budgets, and drive retention and prevent churn through a customised user experience.

The partnership enables publishers to calculate user LTV based on in-app purchases and ad revenues. Publishers are then able to use this to ‘model profitable users’ and optimise their user acquisition campaigns.

The machine learning aspect of the partnership means that the combination of user-level advertising and in-app purchase revenue can be used to automatically tailor experiences to individual users.

“Our combined solution allows publishers to maximise yield and optimise the experience of each individual user, which is game changing. For the first time, they’re in full control of their destinies,” said Offer Yehudai, president at Fyber.

Doron Kagan, co-founder and CEO at Game of Whales, added: “With this partnership, we deliver a cutting edge, holistic LTV optimisation platform that takes into consideration both in-app purchases and ads to assure the right action is taken for every specific user.”