Line and Fyber Team to Bring Video Ads to Mobile Games

Tyrone Stewart

line messaging appLine Corp., the Japanese subsidiary of Korean internet search company Naver, has joined forces with Berlin-based independent advertising tech company Fyber to fuel Line’s mobile games with ads using video mediation.

Fyber says that publishers can ‘reduce operational overhead involved in integrating and managing these integrations and focus more time on their monetisation strategies’ through its platform – claiming maximisation of revenue and a simplified ad network integration. As a result, the partnership will enable Line users in the APAC region to gain in-game currency for viewing ads in Line’s game apps.

According to Manga Global’s advertising forecasts, mobile centric ad campaigns generated the majority of regional growth in the APAC region. By 2020, Magna predicts, mobile devices will make up 70 percent of budgets.

“Rewarded video ads are steadily becoming a staple secondary revenue stream for mobile gaming devs who have traditionally focused on just IAP,” said Jim Schinella, Fyber CBO. “Their popularity stems in the fact that they’re opt-in. Users choose to watch a video ad, so the experience is much more user friendly and engaging compared to traditional advertising.”

Line Corp. had the largest tech IPO of 2016 when it raised $1.1bn (£883m) on the New York stock exchange to value the company at over $7bn.