Fyber links up with AdColony and Tapjoy to launch in-app header bidding tech

FyberMobile ad tech company Fyber has teamed up with mobile ad networks, AdColony and Tapjoy, to launch the first product under its new unified branding, which has seen all its former acquisitions brought together under one brand.

Fyber FairBid is built on a concept called ‘programmatic mediation’, which is a process that searches for the best price for publishers. Fyber claims it is the ‘first and only’ product to achieve true header bidding for in-app ads.

The mechanism eliminates the ‘waterfall’ that exists in the majority of in-app mediation solutions, and enables mobile in-app publishers to “maximise ad monetisation by enabling all types of demand to compete in one place”.

“FairBid makes no judgement as to which is the better buying mechanism. We understand that many app publishers and buyers of in-app inventory wish to take advantage of the rich creative options SDKs support,” said Offer Yehudai, president at Fyber. “The industry needs a solution that eliminates hidden and unfair ‘first looks’ given to some buyers in a waterfall-based auction, and finally brings a state of header bidding – that has been proven successful for desktop – into the in-app environment. At the end of the day, demand is demand.”

The product launch comes along with the merging of Heyzap, Inneractive, and Fyber RTB – formerly Falk Realtime – which has seen all three brands sunsetted.