GAILs puts 5G in stores to connect its smart ovens, fridges and cookers

Can you smell the freshly-baked super-fast mobile connectivity? Thatll be the 5G that GAILs has just installed in many of its UK stores to support its IoT devices.

GAILs is a fixture across the UK, having just opened its 100th bakery. Its a wholesome brand, but its also forward-looking – which it has just proved by installing Cradlepoint E3000-5GB routers at ten sites. Following the test period, GAILs is set to install the routers at a further 80 sites over the coming year.

The bakery needs fast connectivity to power its smart ovens, fridges and cookers, and to gain more insight into its network than before. Via a management dashboard, IT engineers can monitor data usage and address problems remotely, meaning they do not need to spend time travelling to stores to fix problems.

George Norman, Regional Sales Manager at Cradlepoint, said: “As retailers struggle with economic pressures, it is vital that they build strong network foundations that can enable them to be more flexible and creative in the future. This is what we have achieved for GAILs. They can now continue to innovate, safe in the knowledge that their high speed 5G network will continue to support new applications as well as existing ones.”