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Ikea's Game of Thrones ads are winning big on social media

Tyrone Stewart
Game of Thrones season eight

Ikea has been the big winner on social media during the final season of Game of Thrones so far, achieving the greatest social lift of the brands advertising during the show’s ad breaks on Sky Atlantic.

According to 4C Insights, the Swedish furniture store has achieved a 495 per cent TV social lift this season, thanks to its three TV spots. The data science firm based its findings on the brand’s social media engagement in the five-minute period after the start of a TV ad, compared to the engagement rate in the five minutes prior.

O2 sits in second place in the rankings, achieving a 335.5 per cent social lift on the back of its one ad. This is followed by BT’s 242 per cent from eight spots, BMW’s 185.6 per cent from two spots, and Iceland’s 158.6 per cent from 11 spots.

“In today's cross-channel media world, these figures represent a more holistic view of advertising's net effect than just counting views or viewers,” said Aaron Goldman, CMO at 4C Insights. “With multi-tasking and multi-screening, it’s not enough for brands to put out an advert on television and expect it to reach their key audiences. Marketers must close the loop by creating a presence across platforms with timely messaging that captures the moment.”