Game On

Mobile entertainment developer and publisher Ozura Mobile, together with ChinaByte, has announced the launch of its first tournament-based mobile gaming community portal MOSTAR in China.
MOSTAR runs on Funlogix, the proprietary tournament-based mobile gaming community platform developed by Ozura, which provides telcos and partners with a platform to build and manage mobile gaming communities. FunlogiX also provides suites of gaming services that are customisable to each telcos commercial and marketing needs.
In contrast with Ozuras previous deployments with major telcos such as Maxis, Indosat, XL and AIS, MOSTAR differs by being the first community incorporated with a virtual currency charging system called M coin, which is served as the prepaid credit for users to download their desired mobile games over the community portal. In the next phase of MOSTAR, M coin will also be available to buy via scratch cards, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and debit and credit cards.
The implementation of this new charging system has proven that FunlogiX is very flexible in terms of customisation to meet different clients requirements says Ozura Vice President of Marketing, H.E.Mah. This new system enables us to work closer with ChinaByte to further increase and improve our gaming distribution and market share coverage in China. Furthermore, we can respond effectively by enhancing the Funlogix adaptation level, with future upgrades and enhancements.
MOSTAR offers users a wide range of mobile games, including tournament, multiplayer and standalone games. The first selected tournament game is called Spot Check.
China had 449 million mobile phone users as of October 2006, more than the populations of Japan and the US combined. China Mobile, the worlds largest mobile operator, has itself surpassed the total population of the US, with a subscriber base of 301 million customers. The number of handset users in China is expected to rise by 11% to more than 500 million in 2007 and to 660 million by 2010.