Gamelight: $1 Billion-Dollar Triumph in 1 Year

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In the fast-paced realm of mobile marketing, you should have your eyes on Gamelight. The user acquisition platform is set to hit an impressive $1 billion in revenues in 2024, merely a year after its debut.

The German-based company quickly rose to prominence and is today the world’s largest rewarded marketing platform for mobile games. The success of the company is built on their innovative award-winning AI algorithm, which is set up to reshape the landscape of mobile marketing campaigns.

Co-founder Günay Aliyeva says: “Without any external investments or the backing of a large corporation, Gamelight was built from scratch. It’s incredibly satisfying to witness how, in a short span, Gamelight has earned recognition as a prominent player in mobile marketing thanks to the excellence and scope we bring to our advertisers.”

Unlocking Gamelight’s success formula

When asked, Gamelight attributes its quick rise from a start-up to an established company in one year to two factors: Its AI algorithm and its expanding team.

Their revolutionary AI algorithm leverages an extensive array of data points to generate actionable insights. By analysing users’ gaming history, demographic data and past interactions, Gamelight’s algorithms can decipher preferences and favoured genres, leading to highly relevant recommendations tailored to individual players. By identifying behavioural patterns among players, it is made easy to enhance user engagement and retention, empowering Gamelight’s algorithms to optimise experiences and extend play sessions.

Harnessing the power of a vast user base spanning ten self-published game recommendation platforms, Gamelight consistently channels top-tier users to the forefront of leading mobile game publishers worldwide. Remarkably, within just its inaugural year, Gamelight firmly established itself as one of the foremost game recommendation platforms across North America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea.

Contributing to Gamelight’s exponential growth is its diverse and dynamic team spanning 12 different global locations. From the central office in Hamburg to outposts in Canada, the UK, China, and across Europe, the international team fosters broad perspectives and an inclusive culture, propelling Gamelight’s evolution and success.

Gamelight’s Accolades in 2023

The industry has taken notice, with Gamelight securing several prestigious awards and hitting impressive milestones in 2023. Here are some achievements that stand out:

  • Won awards such as “The Best AI Tool” at the dotComm Awards, “Best Mobile Marketing Platform” at the Digiday Technology Award and acknowledged as the Best App Advertising Platform at the App Growth Awards.
  • Gamelight covers 12% of ad spend of all Match-3 games globally, being in the top 3 largest sources on iOS and the TOP 2 on Android just after Google Ads, according to insights from Singular Market Overview.
  • Currently ranked as a TOP 3 advertising source on AppsFlyer Index across multiple game verticals and regions, next to giants Google and Meta, outperforming Applovin, ironSource, Unity, TikTok and others.

The Road Ahead for Gamelight

Being a company built from the ground up without any external funding, they have managed massive growth and success in 2023. Gamelight has reached achievements and milestones that have taken other companies years while they did it in one.

But, Gamelight is not showing any signs of slowing down, Co-Founder Florian Elmies teases future plans: “The upcoming projects that we are working on will revolutionise mobile advertising as a whole – making it more fun for users & more lucrative for advertisers. I am talking about completely new things that have not been seen before. More on that in the upcoming months!”

In conclusion, Gamelight’s cutting-edge AI algorithm is reshaping the mobile marketing landscape, offering game developers a unique strategy for user engagement and revenue growth. Through personalised recommendations grounded in extensive data analysis, Gamelight consistently outperforms industry standards, defying conventions in mobile marketing.