Gamelight ranks among Top 5 ad networks globally, Singular’s analysis reveals

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The German user acquisition company has been making a lot of headlines lately in the mobile market space. Previously, the Singular Market Snapshot showed that Gamelight covers 12% of ad spend for all Match-3 games globally. Gamelight has maintained steady growth since then and now secured their position as 5th largest ad network globally across all geos and game genres on the Singular Market Snapshot, marking them the fastest-growing company in the field. 

Their winning business model 

Gamelight launched their product with the right vision: they were the first user acquisition company to operate its business model based on an AI algorithm fully. Through Gamelight’s seven self-published rewarded marketing apps, they collect users’ preferences, gaming histories, and behaviours to tailor game recommendations to players. Creating a model where users can be rewarded for playing games while at the same time contributing to optimising gaming experiences for others. 

This innovative approach has managed to change the game for their partners’ campaigns, where they can bring in a large number of quality users. It is a win-win situation where players get to experience personalised gaming experiences, and partners get loyal users who will engage with the game over time. The platform was awarded the title of “Best AI Tool” at the dottComm awards, “Best Use of AI” at Digiday Europe Awards, “Best App Advertising Platform” at the App Growth Awards, and “Best Mobile Marketing Platform” at the Digiday Technology Awards for being able to deliver outstanding results that efficiently exceed industry ROAS benchmarks.  

Quickly climbing the ranks

Even though we are still early in 2024, the company has had significant growth. In January, they announced that they are set to reach $1 billion in revenues just one year after launch. Previous insights from the Singular Market Snapshot showed that for Match-3 vertical they are the 2nd largest source on Android and the 3rd on iOS, outperforming big players like Meta, Applovin, Unity. 

Gamelight now also ranks as the 5th largest mobile network in the world across all genres, cementing their status as a market leader, showcasing their effectiveness in meeting diverse clients’ demands. 

On the latest Singular Market Snapshot, Gamelight holds a position behind Google, Meta, Applovin and Apple Search Ads in the ranking, while surpassing industry leaders like Moloco, Unity, Ironsource, TikTok, Liftoff, and numerous others.

Key takeaways

  • Gamelight is among TOP5 largest mobile network in the world across all game genres globally
  • Their quick rise is built off of their innovative AI algorithm 
  • Gamelight is showing great promise to reach even more milestones in 2024

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