Gamelight Over-Delivers D30 ROAS by 246% for Sunshine Island by Stillfront Group

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In a recent campaign, game development company Stillfront Group partnered with user acquisition company Gamelight to scale the user base for their farming simulator mobile title, Sunshine Island. The campaign ran on iOS and Android in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. Impressive results were achieved with Gamelight’s AI-powered recommendation platform, which aims to find the perfect player for each title and user base.

The Campaign Success Factors 

The key factors that made these results possible were primarily centred around Gamelight’s platform’s sophisticated AI targeting for optimization, which utilised advanced algorithms to accurately target the potential players most likely to engage with Sunshine Island.

Additionally, the campaign incorporated 18 varied in-game events, strategically designed to maintain player interest and diversify their interactions within the game. A long-term event postback window provided deeper insights by allowing for extended analysis of user behaviour, which enhanced targeting and optimization strategies. Furthermore, real-time data and feedback loops facilitated ongoing adjustments to the campaign, ensuring its responsiveness and sustained success in engaging players effectively.

Achieved Results 

The campaign for Sunshine Island not only met but substantially surpassed Stillfront’s objectives, thanks to the AI-driven platform utilised by Gamelight. The D30 ROAS goals were exceeded across multiple markets including the UK, Germany, South Korea, and Japan, with an overall performance boost of over 200%.

Specifically, the ROAS over-delivery reached 246% on Android and 223% on iOS. This achievement highlights the effectiveness of Gamelight’s user acquisition platform, which, by leveraging its advanced AI algorithms, was able to pinpoint and engage the target audiences effectively, thereby exceeding the set targets by significant margins.

The campaign experienced extraordinary success in Japan and South Korea, significantly over-delivering the D30 ROAS goals by 284%.

The high engagement levels in these regions indicate that players in Japan and South Korea particularly value and respond positively to personalised mobile content, highlighting the strategic importance of customised marketing approaches in these markets.

User acquisition manager Ana López from Stillfront Group who worked on the campaign, commented about the collaboration:

About Stillfront Group 

Stillfront Group is a global games company established in 2010 in Sweden. They develop digital games that cater to a diverse audience, with their extensive portfolio reaching nearly 70 million users monthly. Their title, Sunshine Island, is a vibrant island-building tycoon game where players start from scratch to create an island, raise animals, explore new archipelagos, compete with other players, and build a thriving community.

In Conclusion

Gamelight’s campaign for Stillfront’s Sunshine Island not only reached but significantly exceeded its objectives, achieving an impressive 246% ROAS over-delivery on Android and 223% on iOS. These results demonstrate the success of Gamelight’s AI-driven strategy in effectively engaging target markets and optimising user acquisition. The outstanding results in Japan and South Korea, with a 284% over-delivery on D30 ROAS goals, underscore the platform’s ability to tailor content that resonates with specific audiences, setting the stage for future collaborative successes and sustained growth in global markets.