Gameloft Debuts New Ad Formats and Targeting Solution

maze-runnerGameloft Advertising Solutions has introduced a number of new, innovative mobile advertising formats as well as a new geolocation feature that matches ad campaigns with users based on their location.

The mobile formats include Minigame, an interactive format customised to offer total immersion in the universe of a brand; Form, an interstitial survey that enables clients to run customer recruitment campaigns and enhance audience insights; and Site, a unique showcase that highlights a product or brand in a mobile environment, with options including 360° product view, photo galleries and contact forms.

In addition to the formats, the company has built upon its existing targeting options to introduce geolocation, enabling delivery of ad contents tailored to a users physical location and leveraging mobile usage data to define specific consumer profiles.

Gameloft is primarily known as a digital and social game publisher, having created titles for a variety of mobile formats. It operates its own established franchises such as Modern Combat and Dungeon Hunter, as well as working with rights holders like Disney, Marvel, Mattel and Ferrari to create titles.

Gameloft Advertising Solutions boasts a monthly audience of over 172m active players and an inventory of 9bn mobile impressions. It has delivered over 300 campaigns for brands including Fox, McDonalds, Netflix, Ford and Samsung in over 30 countries around the world.