Gaming Award Prize Fund Doubled

David Murphy

Ar_tennisThe International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) has announced a doubling of its cash prize fund to $35,000 (19,000). IMGA is a yearly contest for the most innovative and creative mobile games in the world. The objective is to create a new and exciting set of awards to recognise the worlds most talented mobile game developers, whether they are from professional studios, universities or even back bedrooms. Recent research published by media research group, Screen Digest, suggests that by 2010, there will be a global installed base of more than 2 billion games-enabled mobile handsets, and that the worldwide games download market will be worth $6.4 billion (3.5 billion).
IMGA is now in its third year. In 2004, 114 games were entered into the competition, and in 2005 the number of entries grew to 187. 62% of all entries came from Europe, with 14%  from Asia and 11% from North America. Last years submissions showed that development studios were enthusiastically embracing 3D and multi-player opportunities. AR Tennis, last years winner of the Grand Prix and Technical Achievement Awards, used a camera phone to enable a virtual game of tennis.
Over the next two months, developers from all over the world will be submitting their best games, hoping to win one of five awards: the IMGA Grand Prix; the Best Interactive Experience Award; the Best Use of Connectivity; the Excellence in 3D Award; and the Most Innovative Game Award. After the deadline date of September 11, 20 nominees will be selected to enter the final stages of the Awards.
Since 2004, the competition has been supported by Nokia, NVIDIA, Orange and Belle de Mai Media Park Marseille. This year sees Nokia, NVIDIA and Orange remain as main sponsors and Belle de Mai as co-sponsor. This year also sees Adobe, Japans MOVIDA Group and Texas Instruments joining as main sponsors, with Auchan and the Khronos Group joining as co-sponsors. IMGA has closed more than 60 partnership agreements with publishers, studios and other companies in the wireless business to help them to promote the Awards.
What really makes the IMGA unique is its focus on innovation and creativity in game development says IMGA Managing Director Maarten Noyons. We challenge every developer to come up with his or her most original, ambitious, creative and groundbreaking game plan. Mobile gaming is a fascinating arena for creative developers with inspiring ideas and the IMGA is the perfect platform to make sure that these ideas receive the recognition and rewards they deserve."
To enter the awards, you need a strong, convincing description of the mobile game concept and three visuals. Entry is free, and you can enter here.