Gap Creates 'Micro-series' for Instagram

Tim Maytom

gap spring is weirdClothing brand Gap is debuting a 12 part 'micro-series' developed specifically for Instagram to promote its spring collection, with one 15-second film released each week through its account on the photo-sharing service.

The films, featuring comedian Jenny Slate and actor Paul Dano, build on Gap's recent history of partnering with acclaimed directors such as David Fincher and Sofia Coppola in creating marketing that relates to customers' lives.

In addition to Instagram and other digital platforms, the films will be released on dating websites and apps, with a companion promotion on social media using the hashtag #APerfectFit.

The series, which tracks the burgeoning relationship between the two main characters, is designed to take advantage of Instagram's newly introduced looping feature, and grapples with the theme of the split between the digital world and the 'real' world, as well as showcasing the key trends of Gap's new line.

"We are excited to further innovate our marketing approach and introduce a series that not only is inspired by social, but reflects its zeitgeist – where the lines between real and created events are increasingly blurring," said Tricia Nichols, global consumer engagement and partnerships for Gap. "In each episode, we bring to life those first days of spring that can feel a bit surreal as our couple's real lives and Instagram lives start to merge into one.

"We think people will relate to the storyline, while also getting some help navigating the tricky territory of the perfect first-date outfit, especially when spring's weather can be so unpredictable."