Gate-to-Gate Mobile Use on UK Flights Inbound?

Following the FAAs announcement last week, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed that it is also investigating making it possible for passengers flying with UK airlines to use mobile devices on US airlines during takeoff and landing.

Under the FAA ruling, smartphones and tablets will be usable during all phases of flight. Wi-fi and Bluetooth are allowed, but mobile network connectivity has to be disabled, as its still considered too risky – and somewhat useless to anyone hoping for signal above the clouds.

In the UK, the final decision lies with the European EASA, a process which the CAA told CNET will take months, rather than weeks. From there, airlines will have to make their case to the CAA individually, based on their own safety tests with aircraft, before implementing the changes.

 “We welcome the FAA’s review on the use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) by airline passengers. We will be studying the review’s recommendations closely and discussing their implications directly with the FAA and also with the European Aviation Safety Agency,” said a spokesperson for the UK Civil Aviation Authority. “It has to be pointed out, however, that there will be no immediate change to the current restrictions on the use of PEDs in the United States or Europe.

“Electronic devices are now a major part of many people’s lives and naturally passengers want to use them when they fly. That desire, however, should not compromise flight safety. Airlines and regulators need evidence that the simultaneous use of numerous portable electronic devices (PEDs) during take-off and landing will not endanger an aircraft.”