Marketers are ready for GDPR but their employers are finding it a little more difficult

Tyrone Stewart

GDPR data centreWith the implementation of the general data protection regulation (GDPR) just a week away, 20 per cent of marketers fear that their employers are behind schedule and will not be compliant by 25 May.

According to the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) latest report into GDPR, there is worryingly still seven per cent of organisation that have no plan in place for GDPR. However, on a more positive note, 68 per cent of marketers believe their employer is either on track or ahead of schedule and 81 per cent are confident in their own understanding and preparedness for when the regulation comes into forces.

The DMA also found that 52 per cent of marketers believe that the benefits to the consumer outweigh the disadvantages to businesses when it comes to GDPR.

 “It is encouraging to see that GDPR awareness and preparedness is at an all-time high, with marketers increasingly optimistic about the benefits of the new legislation,” said Chris Combemale, CEO of the DMA. “GDPR is a fantastic opportunity for organisations to build consumer trust and highlight to their customers the benefits of sharing their data. Organisations should use it to build a culture within their business of putting the consumer first and improving their experience.”

Another worrying stat is that 27 per cent of marketers have had no specific GDPR training yet, with 34 per cent feeling more training was required. 54 per cent of those surveyed are confident they have received enough training.

“GDPR is a watershed moment for organisations as they strive to make data protection a core brand value. That journey won’t end on 25 May and industry professionals must continue to learn and adapt as they - and their consumers - get to grips with the new legislation. Therefore, ongoing training and support is essential for organisations to reap the rewards of GDPR,” said Combemale.