Data: Generative AI is an enhancer, augmenting human creativity


Around 62% of marketers have said generative AI will augment human creativity, enhancing unique human qualities such as intuition, emotion, and context understanding, according to new research.

According to Capgemini Research Institute’s latest report ‘GenAI and the evolving role of marketing: A CMO’s Playbook’, organisations are already investing in the tool, with 62% of their total marketing technology budget being spent towards it.

The research also claimed that 47% of those surveyed have allocated teams for the implementation of generative AI in marketing.

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As a result, 57% of marketers expect generative AI to act as a catalyst for unlocking new creative possibilities, particularly when collaborating between human and AI-driven innovation. 

In the next two to three years, marketers already using generative AI expect it will be applied across data analysis (90%), search engine optimisation (89%), customer services (89%), content creation (88%) and image and video generation (86%). 

Gagandeep Gadri, Managing Director of Frog, part of Capgemini Invent, said: “The future of marketing will undeniably be influenced by the widespread adoption of generative AI to deliver personalised content and communication; its value realisation will need a fusion of strategic choices, human-centred creativity and a good understanding of the art of the possible in a very fast-moving space.

“In many ways, this feels like the Digital boom from 20 years ago, where the brands that succeeded were those that stayed true to their values but were brave and bold on how digital could deliver growth for their business. The same will apply to generative AI.”