General Mills/Rovio Tie-Up Drops Cheerios into Angry Birds

Alex Spencer

Angry Birds CheeriosGeneral Mills has partnered with Rovio, to promote its Honey Nut Cheerios brand through the recently-launched Angry Birds 2.

The brand is directly integrated into the game, with mascot BuzzBee appearing to offer players a 'Honey Blaster Spell' ability. When triggered, Cheerios rain down from the sky to help out the player.

“Rather than interrupting your experience in the game to serve you up an ad, we’ll be giving you the opportunity to have Buzz help you clear that level that you just can’t seem to get past,” said Jared Pippin, associate marketing manager for Cheerios.

This content isn't hard-coded into the game, but is being delivered through Rovio's ad server for a limited time, beginning 6 August.