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Genesys launches customer experience marketplace

Tyrone Stewart

Genesys AppFoundryOmnichannel customer experience firm Genesys has introduced a marketplace that incorporates integrations for its entire portfolio.

The AppFoundry marketplace will include Genesys’ PureEngage, PureConnect, and PureCloud platforms, making it easier for businesses to access cloud and on-premises customer experience solutions in one place. It provides an interface for businesses to explore the ecosystem of integrations for the Genesys customer experience platform.

“Organisations need to be extremely agile to stay ahead of customer expectations today,” said Merijn te Booij, chief marketing officer of Genesys. “By creating one consistent ecosystem of applications for our Customer Experience Platform and leveraging the power of the cloud, we’ve accelerated the time-to-value. Our aim is to give all customers a simpler way to discover and rapidly deploy solutions that propel the standard of customer experience even higher.”

Teleopti, a workforce management (WFM) firm, has announced that its WFM solution is available on the AppFoundry via an integration for the Genesys Purecloud platform.  

“The Cloud-to-Cloud integration of Teleopti’s WFM software on Genesys AppFoundry is the optimal combination for contact centres tailoring their customer experience suite to match business needs,” said Magnus Geverts, Chief Business Development Officer, Teleopti. “Contact centres can select the best products, install them easily, and empower agents with work experiences that are fair, integrated and engaging.”