Geodelic is 1 billionth GetJar Download

Independent app store GetJar has clocked up 1bn app downloads, only the second app store to achieve the milestone after… well you know who, don’t you. The 1 billionth download occurred as 11.02am on 7 June as Geodelic, an app that discovers local restaurants, retailers and attractions, was downloaded to an Android handset. 

“We’re delighted to have reached this milestone in mobile app history,” says GetJar CEO and founder, Ilja Laurs. “As a team, we’re dedicated to driving the app market forward through an open approach. We’ve supported over 60,000 apps from developers across all major platforms, including Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian, and our open philosophy has be

en integral to our continued growth and the development within the industry.”
GetJar’s app store launched on March 23, 2004. It announced that it had hit 500m downloads less than a year ago in July 2009. The first app to be uploaded on GetJar was Just Yak, designed for the Ericsson T610 handset, on 25 March, 2005.

The most downloaded app of all time on GetJar is Facebook’s mobile site shortcut to Facebook’s mobile website on most handsets. It has been downloaded more than 61m times since launch late last year. The most popular app is the mobile messenger application, eBuddy, which recently passed 50m downloads on GetJar with the help of GetJar’s Pay Per Download (PPD) mobile advertising service.