Get Ready for the Olympics Text & Win Bonanza

Millions of people around the country tried – and failed – to get tickets for next year’s London Olympics. There is still hope, of course, in the shape of the second ballot, but most of those who applied for tickets but didn’t get any have probably resigned themselves to the fact that the closest they will get to seeing any of the events live is to head up to one of the events and watch on the giant screens which will presumably be laid on.

According to Incentivated managing director Jonathan Bass, however, there could be some respite, as brands that are official partners of the Olympics use their tickets as prizes in Text & Win competitions.

In a briefing with Incentivated this morning, I asked Bass how he thought the big FMCG brands would use mobile in the future. He told me: “Watch this space. We are about to see a large number of FMCG Text & Wins, giving away Olympics tickets. We have seen so many briefs from electricity companies, banks, FMCGs. They realise they will be a PR backlash if they keep their ticket allocation for themselves, so the best bang they can get for their buck is to give them away for no cost, and obviously have a bit of fun at the same time.”

Official commercial partners for the London 2012 Olympics include Coca-Cola, Acer, GE, Panasonic, McDonalds, Procter & Gamble, adidas, Samsung, Visa, EDF, British Airways, BT and Lloyds TSB.