GetJar and DIDMO Partner for Mobile App Solution

DIDMO, creators of the Magmito mobile application creation solution and GetJar, the world’s second largest app store, have joined forces to enable an end-to-end solution for cross-platform mobile content creation, publishing, distribution and marketing. The companies say the partnership will empower consumers and small to mid-sized businesses to create engaging mobile apps with Magmito’s easy-to-use toolset, and publish that content to GetJar, which has over 1bn downloads to date in over 200 countries.

“This first-of-its-kind partnership will do for the mobile market what FrontPage did for the internet, place the power of content creation and distribution in the hands of the heartbeat of the economy, small to mid-sized business,” says GetJar chief marketing officer, Patrick Mork. “DIDMO and GetJar have a shared vision of a cross-platform world, where we believe high-quality mobile content should be accessible to everyone, regardless of phone type. Together, we are targeting an important market segment with an easy, affordable and streamlined gateway into mobile marketing, and in doing so, we will expand the mobile ecosystem.”

Completed applications are sent to GetJar, and once approved, are published on GetJar’s app store. The ‘Publish to GetJar’ feature is available for all Magmito users and the toolset will be promoted on GetJar as its preferred mobile marketing app creation platform. Consumers can opt for free content creation, subsidized by targeted advertising, while business clients can pay $399 (£270) to create an ad-free Magmito application. GetJar users pay a per-app download fee for premium placement.

“App stores like GetJar are clearly an important channel for marketers to distribute mobile content, but the developments costs associated with creating separate apps for every platform are a serious obstacle for the small to mid-sized business market and a threat to mass adoption of the medium,” says Angelo Biasi, VP, business development at DIDMO. “Magmito removes these barriers to entry and empowers everyone to easily move their one message to virtually every mobile, and reach their audience where they’re looking for content, through the world’s largest cross-platform app store.”

Magmito is a user-generated mobile content creation tool that allows anyone to easily create, publish and share cross-platform-compatible content. The service enables users to embed video clips, click-to-call functionality and mobile couponing, as well as questions and polls to solicit feedback from customers. Full tracking and reporting is also included.