GetJar Launches App Download Page

David Murphy

Independent, cross-platform app store GetJar has launched the App Download Page, which aims to make it easier for mobile developers and content owners enable their users to download the right mobile app for their phone, independent of device platform, model or carrier.
The App Download Page provides mobile developers and content owners with a simple mobile webpage that can be linked to any mobile site. When the mobile webpage is displayed on a phone, the device is automatically detected and the user is directed to the appropriate version of the partners mobile application for their phone, located on GetJar. If no application exists, GetJar provides a free Mobile Site Shortcut (MSS), which is a small application that launches any phones native web browser and redirects it to the appropriate mobile site. Developers upload and manage all of their applications on the GetJar Developer site.
Based on its experience gained over four years and over a half a billion downloads, GetJar says the App Download Page service is a world-class solution for accurately detecting phones and quickly serving downloads to consumers independent of device, platform or carrier.
The rapid adoption and growth of mobile apps and sites makes discovery and promotion of mobile properties a critical component of any mobile strategy, says GetJar CEO, Ilja Lars. However, with literally thousands of different mobile phone models and a variety of popular mobile operating systems and browsers, getting the user the right mobile application has become an increasingly complex problem for even the largest of Internet brands. As we have seen with the initial Facebook launch, App Download Page helps take brands where they really want to be: on the consumers handset.   
GetJar has been working with Facebook to trail the service, and says that the photo- and video-sharing site Photobucket will also roll out the service in the autumn. Like Facebook, Photobucket sees an increasing number of its web users moving to mobile, but also faces the enormous challenge of handset fragmentation and platform proliferation.
Due to the explosive growth of Photobucket Mobile, weve been seeking a simple solution for our users to find and download the right versions of our mobile apps, and we are delighted to be able to leverage GetJars expertise gained from their 500 million downloads, says Michael Clark, Photobuckets Senior Vice President of Technology and Partnerships.