GetJar Measures Conversion of App Dowloads to Users

David Murphy

Independent app store GetJar says it is the first app store to enable developers to measure the conversion rate of mobile downloads to users across all open platforms, including Android, BlackBerry, Flash, Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

GetJar notes that developers want users, not downloads, but says that until now it was very time consuming to set up tracking codes and analytics to measure the conversion of app store downloads to users. GetJar has now automated this process, enabling developers to analyze the performance of their application by phone, country, and network. In addition, the Conversion API, used in conjunction with GetJar’s Pay per Download (PPD) promotion system, can help developers manage their cost per active user and optimize their marketing efficiency.

Traditionally, says GetJar, there was no inexpensive way for developers to test their app on every phone. There are over 2,500 different mobile phone models that can browse the web and download apps and each of these has different variations for operators over time. GetJar tracks 25,000 different variations in total. Even developers with the best intentions couldn’t possibly discover and test every carrier and firmware variation, the company says. Thus, users became defacto testers and were subjected to many apps that simply didn’t work on their phones.

“With GetJar conversion tracking, developers will know where their apps run, and where they don’t,” say GetJar VP of Product, Chris Dury. “This conversion data will allow developers to improve their apps, increase conversion, and gain an advantage over the competition, by increasing users, not just downloads.”

Developers can also host their apps on their own sites using GetJar App Download Page (ADP) and can track conversions for app downloads. ADP is a free, white-label hosting solution for mobile app developers to deliver app downloads from their own websites and convert their existing traffic to mobile app users. Consumers simply click a download button and ADP automatically detects the phone and downloads the appropriate app version.

To get started, developers simply add a conversion code into their apps published on GetJar. When the app is opened for the first time, it will notify GetJar. Developers can then see the results in the analytics on the GetJar developer site. For more information and complete documentation, you can create a developer account here.