Getty Images Widens Offering with VR Group

Getty VR imagesGetty Images has launched a Virtual Reality Group business, dedicated to the creation and distribution of VR image and video content.

Its portfolio includes over 12,000 360° photographs, a library which it started building four years ago at the 2012 London Olympics. At the Rio Games, every Getty photographer will be equipped with a 360° camera.

The company will also offer VR production through its bespoke Assignments service, which can be used to commission specific images.

“The technology is still in its infancy – as are the business models addressing how to use it – but we can expect to see VR become a leading tool for visual storytelling,” said Getty CEO Dawn Airey. “With the launch of the Getty Images Virtual Reality Group, we are embedding VR content technologies into the core of our business and ensuring that, as use of VR continues to grow, its users are further enhancing their experience with access to the world’s best imagery.”

Getty partnered with Google last month to supply VR content from global current events for Googles Expeditions VR education program, and with Oculus last June to make its 360° imagery available for Oculus Rift users.