GiffGaff launches ‘Up to Good Collective Fund’ in partnership with MG OMD

GiffGaff has partnered with media agency MG OMD to launch the ‘Up to Good Collective Fund’, encouraging clients and agency partners to support climate action initiatives.

The fund invites to contribute a percentage of their media spend or ad value to advance environmental projects spearheaded by GiffGaff and MG OMD.

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As a result, contributions to the fund will be allocated towards three key initiatives, which includes distributing fuel-efficient cooking stoves to Kenya, the instalment and upkeep of water boreholes in Eritrea, and the restoration of mangroves in Pakistan.

In collaboration with climate platform Ecologi, these projects were selected to offset the carbon footprint of media campaigns, the mobile phone operator stated.

Meanwhile, the scheme has already received industry backing from brands including Snap, LadBible, Bauer and Global.

GiffGaff Marketing Strategy Director, Georgina Bramall, said: “We wanted to push ourselves to deliver a media plan that builds our brand while funding climate action – and that’s where the idea for the Up To Good Collective Fund was born.

“It’s been incredible to see the growth of the fund and the growth of the impact we can make. I’m excited to see how we can grow this beyond our own media footprint in the future.”

However, contributions made to the fund are voluntary and do not require the company donating to be directly working with the GiffGaff or MG OMD.

MG OMD CEO, Natalie Bell, continued: ”We’re really proud to have created the Up To Good Collective Fund with Giffgaff and are delighted to see so many of our media partners are joining up.

“As well as our mission to reduce the carbon emissions in our media planning work, we believe the media industry has an immense power to be a force for good and the Up To Good fund is a great example of that.