Giffgaff MVNO Starts Selling Handsets

giffgaff logoGiffgaff, the community-driven MVNO that runs on O2’s network, has started selling SIM-free, unlocked smartphones.

People can choose from a range of 20 devices, including Samsung, Nokia, Sony and HTC handsets, many of which are 4G-ready. They can either be paid for upfront or over an adjustable repayment period.

The flexible payment plans enable customers to pay off the balance in between six months and two years, with no penalties for early pay off and the option to pay up to £200 upfront. Apple’s iPhones are notably lacking from the line up.

The financing for the handsets is being facilitated by RateSetter, a peer-to-peer lending service, which means interest rates are lower than typical lenders. The rate depends on the amont paid up front and the chosen repayment time.

Giffgaff ran 12 consultations with more than 5,000 people within its community before launching the new service. The company said on its forum: “This really is a momentous day in the history of Giffgaff.”