The Future of Mobile

Gigafone Joins the MMA

David Murphy

Gigafone, which generates full screen mobile advertising with each incoming call and SMS, has joined the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). Gigafone targets opted-in consumers with full-screen ads when then they receive a call or a text message. In return, the consumer receives benefits in the form of free talktime or texts; free mobile content, or accelerated handset upgrades.
According to Gigafone, the Gigafone screen helps operators secure new revenue streams, publishing houses distribute relevant content and advertising agencies perfect their creative skills for mobile, all in a targeted and non-interruptive environment. Following operational trials in Russia, Gigafone's solution is being integrated into operator product ranges in several APAC and EMEA markets.
To navigate todays competitive and complex mobile marketing ecosystem, advertisers and operators need a simple and effective mobile advertising solution, says Gigafone President and founder Gregory Khaldey. We developed a proposition with a clear premise: What do you want the phone to do when it rings? Text messages and voice calls are two services that almost everyone uses and understands. We looked to leverage this with a unique full screen offering to deliver highly targeted mobile advertising campaigns to engage phone users and reach out to our creative partners with our integrated management platform.
Gigafone delivers a full-screen interactive mobile marketing opportunity with each incoming call and SMS. The company supports this with a fully integrated campaign management platform for operators, agencies and media partners.