Giphy partners with Oracles Moat for branded GIF measurement

Giphys in-app branded content will benefit from Moats measurementGiphy, the internet’s biggest GIF search engine, has turned to Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat to measure the ad delivery, viewability, and invalid traffic of the branded content on its platform.

With the integration, advertisers will be able to see the number of actual users who viewed their branded GIFs. In turn, Giphy will hope to use this to encourage more advertisers to take advantage of its brand content platform, Giphy for Marketers.

“Giphy’s platform enables brands to be at the centre of cultural moments,” said Alexis Berger, vice president of revenue at Giphy. “With the Moat integration, brands now also have the added layer of confidence that the media that Giphy delivers is viewable, verifiable, and reaching real Giphy users. Moat is an industry leader in verification, and this collaboration is a significant step forward in building out our branded content platform—Giphy for Marketers—to meet the growing needs of the market.”

Moat will measure branded GIFs across desktop, in-app, and mobile web environments, but will be unable to do the same for Giphy’s messaging app integrations.

“Effective advertising campaigns inspire an emotional reaction, which is why short-form content like GIFs can be such a powerful tool for marketers,” said Dan Fichter, vice president of software engineering for Oracle Data Cloud. “To build confidence in this new channel, marketers need to ensure that their Giphy campaigns are being seen by real people.”