Glamoo Partners With Onebip For Mobile Payments

Europe’s first ‘Mobile Smart Buying Club, Glamoo, has teamed up with mobile payments firm Onebip to enable its members to pay for purchases using their mobile. Glamoo has 450,000 members in the UK and Italy, who benefit from location-based offers that are sent to their phone, ranging from restaurant deals to wellbeing treatments and holidays. 

“The partnership with Onebip represents a big step ahead in terms of technology, to the advantage of everyone who makes use of the web,” says Glamoo founder, Simone Ranucci Brandimarte. “From now on there will be another new way of making purchases, with just one fast, safe click.”

Payments are made in complete confidentiality, without displaying the mobile number, and users are guaranteed 100 per cent protection against unauthorized payments. A customer helpline and payment history is available at all times. Every transaction generates a text notification, and an advisory message via email.