Global Bay Takes GEM Merchandising Mobile

Global Bay Mobile Technologies, which provides next-generation mobile retail software, has announced the successful deployment of a mobile merchandise management application implemented by GEM Merchandising, a UK-based retail merchandising company.

Prior to implementing the Global Bay Mobile app, GEM used a paper-based system. GEM associates would conduct in-store projects on a paper job sheet and return them to the office for manual data entry, which became increasingly untenable as the GEM client base continued to grow.

Using the Global Bay solution, GEM staff now input its retail customers’ job requirements directly into a mobile device, allowing GEM project managers to record activity progress and wirelessly transfer the data to the back-end reporting systems in GEM’s head office. With the real-time capabilities of the system, GEM’s clients now have the opportunity to change a product display while GEM’s merchandiser teams are still in the store.

“Before we implemented our mobile solution, we engaged in the cumbersome process of manually transcribing written data into our reporting system,” says Tony Duggan, GEM’s merchandising operations director. “Since deploying our new mobile software built by Global Bay, we’ve seen business productivity increase by approximately 25 per cent, and our clients are thrilled to be receiving more accurate project information in a more timely manner.”