Global consumer app spend exceeded $86bn in 2017, as over 175bn downloads were made

App StoreApp downloads exceeded 175bn around the globe – a 60 per cent growth from 2015 – as consumer spending surpassed $86bn in 2017, driven by the continually massive Chinese app market.

According to a report from App Annie, consumer spending has increased 105 per cent from 2015, while each user spent around 43 days in-app last year – up 30 per cent from 2015. This breaks down into almost 3 hours each day spent in-app on average across the globe. The time in-app is spent in around 40 apps used by smartphone users every month out of the 80 owned on average.

The Chinese app market came out on top of most measures in a big way in 2017, as you’d expect.

In Q4 2017, Chinese app users spent over 200bn hours in app across iOS, Google Play, and third-party Android. India came in second, but a long way off at nearly 50bn hours in apps during the same quarter. Furthermore, $1 out of every $4 generated from app stores, in-app ads, and mobile commerce was generated in the Chinese market.

A recent App Annie forecast predicted that mobile app store spending will continue to be driven by China on iOS this year, as global spend exceeds $110bn, while India and Brazil drive Android spend.