Global Tablet Shipments Double in 2012

25.5m tablets were shipped worldwide in Q2, 2012, according to Futuresource Consulting. The total for the year will reach 124m, representing 95 per cent growth on 2011s figures.

The US accounts for 46 per cent of global ownership, and will have an installed base of nearly 90m devices by the end of 2012. 43m devices are expected to be in European homes by the end of the year. The iPad still dominates the market at 66 per cent.

In Brazil, India and Russia, growth is more than double that of the US and Europe, though penetration is still relatively small. 

“Multiple tablet ownership per household will also drive market growth, as advances continue to be made in the range of uses and applications available,” said Joe Mugan, market analyst at Futuresource Consulting. “As consumers look to smaller tablets – with screen sizes of less than 8.5″ – different sized tablets are expected to coexist as two separate segments, with consumer research indicating that larger tablets are predominantly used in the home, whereas smaller, lighter tablets are more often used on the move. Were going to see some electrifying market movements in the run up to the holiday period.”