Globalpark Launches Mobile Research Tool

Globalpark, which provides panel, community and survey software, has introduced EFS Mobile Access, which enables researchers to activate and monitor survey projects using their mobile phone. The interface shows research results in progress and display fields report details.
In addition to the reporting application, the EFS platform is accessible via the mobile web to send invitations and manipulate quotas. Jrg Tschasche, Senior Project Manager at international panel leader Respondi regularly checks on research projects while on-the-go:
Just last weekend, I used my iPhone to monitor and manipulate an important project, he says. Globalpark makes it easy to manage my research, no matter where I am or what else Im doing.
Globalpark is hosting the second annual Mobile Research Conference on 8 9 March in London. The event will focus on leveraging mobile phones for improved research processes and results.
Theres more information about the conference here.