Globo Adds File-sharing to CitronGO!

Globo has revealed that its CitronGO! cloud software solution offers users a My Folders feature that will enable users to create and manage folders of any structure, and upload files of any type and size in just a few clicks. Globo claims that CitronGO is the only cloud technology to date that allows users, through a single sign-on, to access, synchronise and manage all their contacts, calendars, emails, including social networking messages and IMs, as well as integrate this new Folders capability.
CitronGO!'s 'My Folders' feature includes a number of capabilities, such as Share online, Attach to email, and Drop to a Friend, that enable users to instantly create and share files and complete folders with friends and colleagues via their laptops, PCs, PDAs and mobiles in just a few clicks.
For the first time, says Globo, users will be able to upload videos to their YouTube accounts, invite friends to see photo albums, and share collaboration documents with colleagues and co-workers, without being constricted by quota limitations or other data transfer barriers, while being truly mobile. The new capability also allows users to select either to password-protect any shared data so that only contacts selected can view the information, or to publicly share their files and folders with the CitronGO! community.
CitronGO!s revolutionary data compression techniques reduce data size over the air and consequently data costs for the end user, whilst providing faster and more secure delivery, says Globo CEO, Costis Papadimitrakopoulos. The service is instantaneous in just minutes all the contacts selected receive the files and folders, and are able to view them online or download them.
CitronGO! is available on a Software as a Service basis, enabling telecoms providers, operators, mobile phone manufacturers, ISPs, and OEMs to offer the solution to their customers as part of their data strategy. Around Q3-Q4 of FY2009, businesses will be able to incorporate CitronGO!  into their corporate infrastructure via a fully licensed Enterprise model, to offer the same benefits to their employees for use on their corporate mobile phones. Value Added Service providers, companies and resellers will be able to provide the service as a third party via their own distribution. Globoa says that CitronGO! supports almost all handsets, including Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm, BREW and Java/J2ME, and has the ability to turn every mobile phone into a Smartphone. You can download the application here.