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Globys Introduces Amplero Personalisation Solution

Tim Maytom

ampleroContextual marketing firm Globys has launched Amplero, a new self-optimising personalisation solution powered by machine learning that aims to improve mobile marketing campaigns.

The solution leverages a unique continuous cycle of self-designed experimentation, fine-tuning customer personalisation automatically to improve revenue lift for each customer and optimise the campaign throughout its lifetime.

Globys hopes the solution will eliminate the need for manually designed and developed rules for targeting and reduce the time marketers spend running A/B testing experiments and analysing customer segments, applying a range of analytics over hundreds of variables to automate the process.

According to Globys, Amplero is able to optimise marketing 200 to 500 per cent better than manually coded targeting rules thanks to its machine automated approach, with increased targeting granularity and higher revenues per experience.

"Granularity is the key to breaking the 80/20 rule where 20 per cent of the customers deliver 80 per cent of the campaign result," said Dr Olly Downs, chief scientist at Globys. "Amplero scores experiences in thousands of contexts to ensure the other 80 per cent of customers get the experience that is relevant to them."