Globys Updates Contextual Marketing Solution

Globys has released a new version of its contextual marketing solution that extends its automated machine learning capabilities to rapidly determine and deliver the right offer to the right customer in the right context and optimize marketing ROI.

Globys notes that as mobile reaches saturation, and non-traditional players are vying for the wallet and mind-share of the subscriber, operators are challenged to protect their base and grow their business. Traditional business intelligence and campaign management tools enable them to consolidate the mass amounts of data they possess, but without the ability to act on this data, in real-time, based on the context of a customer’s specific needs, a campaign’s success is limited, says Globys.  

The Globys solution enables a marketer to rapidly test an infinite number of combinations of offers, messages, and contexts, across different channels, to understand what works for specific customers. An interactive user dashboard marketers offers real-time insight into campaign activity and performance, enabling the operator to identify which offers are working for whom, when, and where.

“Mobile operators are in a unique position, in that they have the data required to achieve success,” says Duane Edwards, co-founder and senior vice president of product development at Globys. “They know the products and services a customer purchases and where and when they use them; they know how a customer moves through space and time; they know who a customer communicates with, and a whole lot more. What the mobile operators don’t have are the tools to rapidly take advantage of this data to better market their own products and services, as well as third party apps and content. This is where we help”.

Globys says its solution looks at each customer as a market of one, using demographic profiles, behaviors, social context, treatment, and incentives to rapidly and automatically determine the best way to market specific products and services to each customer, in the optimal context.  

For example, the solution may determine that a 30 per cent discount offer works best when communicated through an outbound call to a customer with low overall spend, six days before receiving their monthly bill; but a casually worded email works best for a highly connected customer on a weekday, one hour before they hit their bed. Or for a young professional commuting to work, a one-month trial of unlimited surfing is the optimal offer to deliver; yet a particular prepaid customer within 10 per cent of account depletion just after completing an international call, will be most responsive to a bonus top-up offer.

“We’re seeing that the solution drives a significant reduction in cycle time for campaign execution, measurement, and learning, as well as ongoing optimization,” says Edwards. “It increases top line revenues and drastically reduces campaign costs, while solving the challenge that marketers face in moving smarter and faster to meet real-time contextual demand.”

Globys says that customer deployments are now underway, and adds that operators are leveraging the solution to meet a range of objectives, including increasing mobile data usage, stimulating more frequent prepaid top ups, and migrating customers to higher rate plans.