Glopos Technology Makes Any Mobile Location-aware

GloPos has launched its software-only positioning technology that makes all mobile phones location aware, whether they are outdoors, indoors, or even underground. GloPos Technology requires only a cellular network to make all mobile phones location-aware. Theres no need for additional GPS or W-LAN hardware on the mobile on a mobile device to achieve accurate positioning.
GloPos' patent-pending, self-learning algorithms calculate an accurate position fix to within 1-40 metres, even in places where no W-LAN access points are available, and places where GPS cannot be usedm, such as subways, underground car parks, airports and exhibition centres. All the technology needs is cellular network coverage. In addition, GloPos Technology does not consume any extra battery life while operating, as cell information is already being used to stay connected. 
GloPos co-founders have over 20 years combined mobile experience with Nokia and Ericsson. CEO Mikael Vainio brings to GloPos more than a decade of executive experience with Nokia and Ericsson. Before joining GloPos, he served in Ericsson Middle East HQ as Vice President Strategy, Marketing and Communications. Vice-President Alexander Le Bell has held executive positions with leading mobile and technology companies, including Ericsson, Nokia and Philips. He was Ericsson's Director for Strategy and Business Intelligence for the Middle East. Prior to that he served in Nokia Multimedia, managing the operator business in Central Europe with some of the largest operators in the world, including T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2-Telefonica.
By making all phones location aware, GloPos Technology is set to revolutionize the indoor positioning and social location market, including mobile search and personalized mobile advertising, says Vainio. This will massively expand the positioning market. GloPos is a superior solution versus W-LAN and GPS-based indoor positioning applications which today serve less than 20% of the total yearly 1.3 billion unit mobile device market.