Glue4 launches Full-service Smart Poster Solution

Marketing technology company Glue4 has launched a full-service solution for media owners and brands seeking to explore the full potential of near field communication (NFC) smart posters. Glue4Touch, which Glue 4 says is the only full-service
proposition of its kind in the UK, covers the personalisation of smart posters and phones, deployment, operation, and the analysis of user data, including time and location information. 
Harnessing the power of both mobile and interactive outdoor marketing, NFC smart posters include a range of advertising media, tagged with an NFC chip. The chip passes information to viewers on demand, in this case through their NFC-enabled mobile phone. The information could be a link to further product details accessed through the mobile internet, or a money-off voucher. Theres also a wide range of more advanced possible applications, from voting to buying  tickets.   
Glue4Touch brings together under one roof a range of marketing and connectivity
Technologies, to deliver any smart poster proposition to a mobile phone, including, vouchers and promotions, viral marketing, interactive advertising and m-commerce says Glue4 MD, Dr Neil Garner explains: At the backend, this part handset application, part ASP hosted solution offers brands real measurability and insight into who is viewing their adverts, when, and what they are doing next. For instance, where did they redeem the voucher, who did they forward the digital download on to or how many tickets did they buy and to what event.
As the infrastructure for contactless payments is rolled out around the UK, more and more brands are looking to explore the marketing potential of NFC, the company says. Applications such as the Oyster travelcard scheme, plus the trials being undertsaken by Mastercard and Visa, are opening consumers eyes to the potential of contactless technology, it says.
Unlike Bluetooth campaigns, which require viewers to switch on the application and run the risk of  spam, with NFC smart posters, the viewer chooses to interact by tapping the NFC smart poster to trigger the chip and receive the information says Garner. This puts the power back in the hands of the viewer, who can then choose to easily pass the  information to other peoples phones using the same simple and secure touch mechanism. Our user trials demonstrate the importance of this viral potential.
The first Nokia NFC-enabled phones will be available this month, with other handset manufacturers planning to introduce NFC models later in the year. Ahead of the mass take-up of NFC phones, Glue4Touch offers brands and media owners a range of practical and cost-effective solutions for NFC-enabling consumers existing phones.