Go f*ck yourselves. Lovehoney poster campaign places the emphasis on self-love

  • Thursday, April 27th, 2023
  • Author: Tim Green
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Sexual wellness brand Lovehoney is kicking off a UK OOH billboard campaign just in time for Masturbation May. Yes, really.

The posters will feature the words ‘Scream your own name’ and will encourage people to explore their own journey of sexual happiness. You could say its a campaign aimed at the UKs w*nkers.

The billboard will be shown at Westfield Stratford City for a limited time this week, and is one of many Lovehoney initiatives planned for Masturbation May. No more details on this at present. Lets hope theres a cake sale.

Friederike Lewin, Global Head of Communications and PR at Lovehoney, said: “With Masturbation May around the corner, we want to remind everyone that the journey to sexual happiness starts with ourselves, and there is no shame in that – so why not shout about it! Exploring our own body and finding out what we like is a healthy habit and helps to communicate our needs to a partner.”

Previously, Lovehoney had an ad banned by the ASA. That one featured the image of a ball gag. The new billboard does not feature any Lovehoney product and is only being displayed between 7pm and midnight.