Go Tag Yourself

David Murphy

Abaxia, which specialises in embedded mobile software solutions, has announced that its MobileTag software can now be used to download and print customised barcodes - known as Tags - which contain the user's contact details. To capture the information, mobile users simply need to launch the MobileTag application from their mobile phone, centre the Tag within the screen, and then snap the image with their camera phone.  All contact details are then captured and saved in the phones memory in one simple step.
The MobileTag application and the Contact Tags are both available to download from the MobileTag website, with the first 10 Contact Tags available free of charge. 
Once downloaded, the Tags can be printed on business cards, inserted into email signatures, displayed on a web site, or even printed onto name badges. The information that the Tag links to can be updated at any time, and comprehensive usage statistics (detailing who has been accessing the information) can also be retrieved.
"Already, mobile phones are a lot more than just a way of making and receiving phone calls whilst on the move," says Abaxio CEO, Cedric Mangaud.  "By using a barcode to represent all of your contact information, you can make it easy for customers, friends, colleagues, and suppliers to access these details when they need them.  Business cards no longer need to pile up on desks or in wallets; with just a click of your camera-phone, you can now record - and have instant access to - all of the details you need to contact someone in a flash."