Go!Enterprise to be Preloaded on Prestigio Android Devices

Globo Plc’s enterprise mobility platform, GO!Enterprise, is to be preloaded on up to 2.5m Prestigio smartphones and tablets over the next 12 months. The first deployment will be in Russia towards the end of December 2012.

The move follows a distribution agreement signed in July between Globo and Prestigio’s parent company, ASBISC Enterprises to distribute GO!Enterprise Server products in key markets. Prestigio’s Android mobile phones and tablets are available in the EMEA region.

GO!Enterprise is GLOBOs enterprise mobility platform, delivering mobilization of business apps and software across any mobile operating system. GO!Enterprise Office is part of its enterprise mobility suite, covering needs for secure communication, collaboration, productivity and controlled access to all critical data from any mobile device or tablet.

GO!Enterprise Mobile Client provides a single point of interaction for accessing business information over a secure network, without having to setup and install multiple mobile clients, each one performing different tasks.