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Gofresh Launches

David Murphy

Gofresh has announced the commercial launch of, which has been in beta for the past year, and which Gofresh claims is the largest social advertising network in the mobile space, with a reach of 4 million mobile Internet users. According to Gofresh, these users are 54% male and 46% female, mainly between 16 and 42 years old, based in the US and Europe.
The rich media-enabled network focuses on three mobile advertising formats: animated full colour banners; mobile site and content branding; and mobile video and TV. The company has fixed prices until the end of 2008 at $4 for CPM banners for all US carriers and off-deck. US mobile video channels can be booked for $40 CPM. In the UK, the banner CPM price is 3, with mobile video priced at 50 CPM. All brand campaigns can be booked directly via the website.
According to Gofresh, banner clickthrough-rates (CTR) are as high as 2.5%. During the beta phase Mobile TV and video gained the most user attraction, with every video viewed on average 3.5 times on mobile phones. At the start of next year, will launch the worlds first mobile social advertising bidding system for the UK.