Gogo and Apigee Team Up for In-flight Apps

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The partnership will allow for the creation of apps designed to be used in-flight

Digital technology firm Apigee has partnered with Gogo, which provides on-plane wi-fi, to create a platform for developing new apps and in-flight experiences for passengers and crew.

Virgin America has used the Gogo APIs to create an app that encourages networking among business travelers in the air, while location-sharing firm Glympse, has developed an app that enables family and friends of air travellers to track their plane’s progress from the ground for accurate arrival times.

“Gogo is committed to using our in-flight platform to create new and engaging experiences for flying on Gogo-equipped aircraft, whether that’s for passengers or crew” said Ash ElDifrawi, Gogos chief commercial officer. “Apigee is the leader in API technology, and we believe that this partnership will open new doors and allow us to effectively work with partners to quickly deliver innovative and engaging apps to airline customers.”

The Gogo Platform is open to registered partners and provides access to a custom developer portal powered by Apigee, where users can access APIs such as gogoFlightInfo, gogoAuthCustomer, and gogoPurchase.

Gogo’s platform is supported by the Apigee Edge API platform. With Apigee Edge, enterprises can quickly build end-to-end mobile and digital initiatives using APIs, apps and data. Apigee supports secure scaling of up to billions of APIs, with low latency and high availability worldwide.