Golden Gekko Launches GeoMe

Golden Gekko has launched its GeoMe geo-messaging service in the UK. GeoMe is a unique, location-based messaging service that allows users to communicate with friends and the wider community via digital post-it notes on a map. Using a mobile phones GPS system or a wi-fi network, GeoMes free service encourages users to explore, connect and share content relevant to their interests and whereabouts. 
The GeoMe service is built around three elements community content, messaging and location. Golden Gekko says that these elements, combined with the benefits of a payment-free service and a technology-agnostic platform, mean that GeoMe is creating a peer-to-peer community with access to relevant content. As a result, the company says, GeoMe is unleashing the full potential of location-based search and personalised advertising.
With the launch of GeoMe, we are finally going to see location-based services pushed beyond niche applications and break into the broader consumer market, says Golden Gecko CEO, Magnus Jern. In GeoMe, we have created a geo-messaging service that is truly needs-based and entertaining, engaging consumers in a way that means that they will use it everyday. For advertisers, GeoMe is a great way to engage with customers who are open to receiving information relevant to them and their friends.
Golden Gekko says that GeoMe will deliver a number of benefits to advertisers, mobile operators and consumers. For advertisers, it says, GeoMe offers targeted advertisements based on user location to deliver brand messages in a non-intrusive fashion via its sponsored search function.
For mobile operators, location-based services like GeoMe,offer the opportunity for increased data traffic and revenue growth. And for consumers GeoMe enables users to find out whats happening in their local area, and let their friends know by leaving messages on maps, at the click of a button.
Golden Gekko provides the technology behind the GeoMe client, with maps, GPS-support for more than 30 devices, cell ID based location support on over 300 non-GPS devices, a messaging service, location-based search, and other core functions.