Golden Gekko Supports UNICEF Through Mobile

Mobile marketing firm Golden Gekko is in discussion with UNICEF employees on how best to use mobile to support their work, and has initialised free resources in its Android development team to contribute to UNICEF’s efforts. The agency is looking for suggestions for mobile campaigns or apps that will raise attention and drive donations to buy the essential food, water and medical supplies that could save the lives of many children. The most effective suggestions will be built – for free – by Golden Gekko, with any revenue generated going directly to UNICEF.

Kerstin Karlström, wife of the agency’s co-founder Daniel, was working for UNICEF in 2005 when she was relocated to Cambodia. Months later, inspired by the land and its people, Daniel and business partner Magnus Jern set up Golden Gekko in Phnom Penh.

Six years later and Kerstin has been called to Kenya where, as has been widely reported, a combination of the worst drought in decades, high food prices and persisting conflicts are causing a severe crisis.

The refugee camps, lining the northeast border of Kenya, are already hosting far too many people to provide sufficient alimentation and health care for everyone, and hundreds of thousands more refugees are expected to cross the Kenyan border from Somalia within the next two months. Support is needed to raise attention to the issue and to help co-ordinate daily life at the camp.
Anyone with fund-raising or attention-raising mobile marketing or app ideas is asked to send them to: Alternatively, you can make a donation to UNICEF here.