GoldenPages Launches Europes First Shazam-enabled Radio Ad

Belgian directory service has launched Europes the first Shazam-enabled radio ad, as part of a Valentines-themed campaign.

The 30-second radio spot, created with media agency Happiness, will promote the Valentines Day update to Golden Pages À Table app, which adds taxi booking functionality to the restaurant search and booking service. Users who Shazam the ad will be directed to a download of the app.

“We wanted to further enhance GoldenPages’s positioning as a modern, digital and essential service for people needing instant information in their everyday lives,” said Happiness CEO Karen Corrigan. “Shazam presented us with the perfect opportunity to add value to our customers and also claim an edge by being the first in Europe to adopt Shazam for interactive radio advertising. Research has shown the amazing effectiveness of Shazam in a TV environment and we are looking forward to assessing user response to radio which will pave the way for further growth of this channel in Europe.”